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What is Inarah?

Inarah means Bringing Light into the Dark. It is about awakening your consciousness, finding your purpose, and living a life of abundance and service to others. 

It's about bringing what is unconscious, or what you are not aware of, into your awareness. What you don't rule, will rule you. 

All addictions, which include anything from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, to pain medication and gambling, are a result of unprocessed emotional memories from the past. 

Likewise, all afflictions, physical illnesses or ailments are also a result of unhealed emotional traumas from the past. You might have buried the memory in order to get on with life, but it's running your life. 

Taking more drugs to numb the pain, talking about it, saying affirmations, reading books, or going for counselling doesn't work and can't work. Any of these will only treat the symptoms and cause them to show up in other ways in your life. 

It's only through clearing the negative emotional charge that you can #heal, and through allowing yourself to be in the present moment awareness.

Inarah is not just a coaching program - it is a program that helps you to reach self mastery, so that you can continue your journey of evolution. 

In order to acquire mastery you need two things: Knowledge and Action

Without knowledge you are just blindly doing work for the sake of it, with no conscious intention or attention. 

Without action you are simply waiting for things to happen. The action is all done internally, via inner processes of letting go deep unconscious beliefs and connecting to your I AM presence.

When you steadily work on your intention and give it attention, your life starts to profoundly take on new meaning. You will discover an inner peace and joy that you knew existed, but never had. 

Your outer world will start to match your inner world. Only if you feel abundance inside will you have it outside. Only if you feel deserving of love, will you experience love.  

The beauty is that you don't need to work harder at trying to please other people, you only need to #heal yourself. 


I was feeling lost and disorientated. Looking for answers everywhere but they were nowhere to be found. Until I met with Natasha who was recommended to me by my brother. 

I am feeling like there is hope again and light and love in a world where I have experienced a lot of darkness for a long time. 

Come with an open mind. You might just discover something magical in the world again and in your life again. 

Melony Mateus Financial Manager

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Hi, my name is Natasha Williams and I am a Mindset Coach,

Author, Trainer, Entrepreneur and Lightworker. 

Watch my video to find out more about Inarah.

Who is Inarah for?

If you:

  • Feel like something is missing in your life
  • Are in a loveless or abusive relationship
  • Want to leave the job you have for something more fulfilling, but fear is holding you back.
  • Are on a hamster wheel and you can't seem level up. You can't seem to earn more money, or you earn more but unexpected expenses keep coming up. 
  • Are feeling empty inside. You are struggling with depression for as long as you can remember. 
  • Suffer from anxiety and, even if medication is helping, as soon as you stop the symptoms come back.
  • Have low self-esteem and confidence.
  • Want to experience more from life. You have a thirst for personal growth and learning. You know there is more, and you want a road map to attaining it.
  • Are a highly sensitive person and you are looking for a way to deal with it.

Discover how I can help you 

to move forward!

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Case Studies

Hated my job

Retha Roos

- IT Programmer

Retha was struggling with loneliness, no direction and wanted to find another job to get away from hers. She was poor and had no money. She was struggling to get by and I had no confidence.
She now feels that she has a specific purpose, something to live for. She is enjoying just doing her day job and she has money to build up a small business. She is feeling more energetic and confident.

-Retha Roos
IT Programmer

At the Dead Sea

Nell Van Der Loo

- Bookkeeper

When Nell hit BURNOUT and I suggested coaching, her thoughts were there is NO WAY that coaching will work or help. All she needed was to sort out her workload and no personal coaching was going to help for that. …..how wrong she was.
She had done so much work on herself so she could go very deep into the processes.

From the first session things changed. She could already handle her day to day issues with more ease.

She now feels fearless in a gentle way, knowing that whatever challenges or joys or blessing comes her way – she will be okay. She is celebrating and embracing life with contentment and lightness that she had never felt before.

Lost in grief

I was at rock bottom, in a very dark place. No self belief, doubting myself every day. No goals, down and depressed. Crying a lot, drinking myself to a standstill. No work, no belonging, lonely. I was having panic attacks and felt rejection. 
After the coaching I have got more energy, feel alive, have work, have money in my pocket, am goal driven. I believe in myself, look at life differently and love myself more. I feel that I belong now, feel loved and communicate with ease. I can do anything I set my mind to. I'm definitely happier in myself and laugh a lot more. 
The coaching was the best thing that I did in my whole life. Natasha has really helped me a lot. There is absolutely no comparison from where I was and where I am now. I can recommend this coaching to anyone with problems without any doubt, 100%.
- Roelof Crous 
Senior Site Foreman

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