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What is Inarah?

Inarah means Bringing Light into the Dark

If you are feeling worn out, disillusioned and are living a life of quiet desperation, it's because you have lost yourself somewhere along the way.  You get into a relationship in order to be loved and not to be alone, but no you are lonelier than ever and there is no connection.  

You have had enough, but you don't know the steps to take, and when you think about them it becomes overwhelming for you. The fear steps in and you rather stay with the devil you know, than the devil you don't. 

Something is holding you back from moving forward, but you just can't seem to get unstuck. You are trauma bonded, you have Stockholm Syndrome. Your friends and family don't understand, and that's because they have not been in a narcissistic relationship. 

They only see the one side of the person you are with. Maybe they are tired of hearing you complain. Psychologists can't help either,  neither do sleeping tablets. 

What's on the other side?

I'm here to tell you that you can break free. Just because you have been in it for so long, and you have forgotten how life was before, doesn't mean you are doomed to stay. In fact, I have never heard of anyone who left a toxic relationship say they wish they had stayed longer. 

Life on the other side is freedom. It's calm, it's peaceful, it's ordered. Your mind is quiet, you sleep better than you have in years, you get to choose who you want to be, where you want to go, and best of all, you are supported. 

How did you get here?

No one expects the narcissistic trap. You will never be prepared for it, and you will never get over it. Once you have been with a narcissist you lose your innocence, however, in exchange your eyes will be opened. You learn not to blindly trust anything people tell you, and to first allow people to prove themselves to you. You are forced to find your power and your voice within or stay a victim. 

The problem is that there is a reason you attracted the narcissist in the first place. If you look at the patterns in your relationships you will find that you keep finding the same kind of people. 

This is because of the inner child wound. Whatever you experienced as a child you will keep recreating in order to find closure. 

The problem doesn't lie with your partner, it comes from childhood. These memories are buried in the subconscious, so trying to suppress the subconscious, or talk it through with the conscious mind won't work. 

I have been there myself, and the only way to heal your present is to heal the trauma that is locked in your subconscious. This does not involve reliving the pain, it simply involves bringing the closure to the trauma so that you can move on. 

The amazing thing that happens when you do this, is that the people around you are also affected by the healing. Frustration, irritation, impatience, lack of connection, are replaced with love, connection, understanding and patience. 

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I was feeling lost and disorientated. Looking for answers everywhere but they were nowhere to be found. Until I met with Natasha who was recommended to me by my brother. 

I am feeling like there is hope again and light and love in a world where I have experienced a lot of darkness for a long time. 

Come with an open mind. You might just discover something magical in the world again and in your life again. 

Melony Mateus Financial Manager

Symptoms of a Toxic Relationship

  • You are constantly defending or justifying yourself
  • You are blamed and you take responsibilty for things that are not your fault
  • You need to keep proving that you are loyal and trustworthy
  • Your boundaries are not respected
  • You keep putting everyone else first
  • There is some or all forms of abuse: physical, financial, emotional, verbal and sexual.
  • The person you are with has an addiction which can take any form
  • There is constant drama
  • You feel controlled or undermined
  • Constant criticism to undermine your self-worth
  • Your achievements and abilities are downplayed or not acknowledged
  • You keep waiting or hoping they will change

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