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You know that you are here on Earth because you have gifts and talents that you need to share with the world. We all have our own path that we have to follow, but sometimes we get lost because we are trying to please others, or because we don't believe we are good enough.

You know that there is something more to life, but you can't seem to find out what it is. You might be thinking that the older you get, the wiser you are supposed to be, but you feel like you have spent your life doing things for everyone else except yourself. 

You keep putting off things you enjoy because you think that you can always do it tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. Instead your life fills up with other people's needs, To-Do lists, and you stress about money, your career, and where you should have been by now. 

There is truth in the fact that the grass is not greener on the other side. This is the life you have, and it is the life you have created. If you were to get really clear on what you really wanted, and you had no guilt, no responsibilities, and all the money to do it, what would you do?

I asked myself that exact same question 25 years ago - and the answer was "I don't know". 

And suddenly I realised that if I didn't make plans for my life, then I was at the mercy of where others wanted to take me.  I was like a leaf blowing in the wind, with no direction and no purpose.

I have come a long, long way since then, and I have seen so many people living their lives just trying to get through the day, with no direction, no passion and being a constant victim of circumstance. I have discovered that a life with purpose is the only thing that keeps us inspired, because it is bigger than us. 

You have so much to offer

I believe that we all come into this world with our own signature that we can imprint on the world. It is tragic when amazing people live in the shadows because of feelings of inadequacy or fear, they have SO MUCH to offer. 

Your childhood and life experiences shape you, but they don't need to define you. And that is where I come in. 

I help you to recognise your own value, your truth, and to be able to let go of the burden of someone else's opinion of who you are. But you will also get so much more than that. You will get clear on what keeps you in flow, or inspires you, how to get rid of the things that don't serve you (and that includes toxic people in your life), and take the next steps to organizing your life according to what works for you. You will feel happiness that you knew existed, but never felt, and you will be present with people, rather than feeling that they are taking your time, you will gladly be giving it - on your terms.

Natasha Williams

Most people don't believe me when I tell them I was the shiest person I ever met. I had absolutely no confidence and I lived under my big sister's shadow. In fact, the first guy I ever kissed (and of course fell in love with) didn't even remember my name. Years later he called me "Tanya's little sister". 

I always believed that I had a normal middle-class upbringing, and that I had no reason to complain, but I never felt heard or understood. I didn't know what neglect was, what a dysfunctional family looked like, or that there was such a thing as narcissistic abuse. 

I was always thinking that there must be something wrong with me. I needed to please people, be funny, be smart, work hard, do good, and always put others' needs first. I needed to do this to ensure my survival, and even then I believed that my voice didn't count. 

When I left home my world changed. I no longer lived under someone else's shadow. I started opening up and finding my own way. What I didn't realise is that your childhood program will keep repeating in your life until you heal it. 

So, even though I was an adult and I could do what I wanted, I kept attracting the wrong people into my life. 

Always rescuing people

Over the years I 'rescued' so many people that I thought I could help by giving them money, a place to stay, advice, helping them find work and even to save money. Instead, they landed up using me and in the end leaving destruction in their wake. Every relationship I had I was the sole breadwinner, and I believed that it didn't matter if I paid for everything, they gave me their time which was of equal value. 

All this came to a head on the day that I call the Dark Night of My Soul. I found out that my husband, whom I loved and trusted had been grooming my beautiful 6 year old daughter, who was from a previous relationship. Every belief I had, every thing that I had denied that could have been a red flag, came crashing down. I did not just lose my husband. I lost my daughter, everything I believed in, and my innocence. What followed were years of legal battles, spiritual warfare, stalking, verbal abuse and chaos. 

I didn't know that my husband was a narcissist, nor did I understand that I was an enabler. I had no one to support me during that dark time and landed up getting back together with my husband, choosing to believe that since my daughter was staying with her father anyway, I would learn what it is about these men that I kept attracting so that I could end the cycle once and for all. 

What you need to know is that I am not a pushover, I had become confident of who I am, believed in my abilities and  career-wise I was extremely successful. I built a pole fitness franchise as a pioneer in South Africa. I had 7 studios at one stage and 8 franchises. I had thousands of women coming through my doors who felt a place of belonging and acceptance that they have not found elsewhere. 

Every person you meet is a teacher

I believe that every person who comes into your life is a teacher. And if I kept attracting these toxic people they were there to teach me about myself. I am an action taker, and if I know that there is something to be learnt then I will do what it takes to get the answers. 

The path that these people put me on were all a result of choices that I made. Of not taking responsibility for my own happiness, and thinking that I could 'fix' them, not realizing that they don't need to be fixed, nor do they want to be. 

I needed to fix myself. The realization that I don't need to take responsibility for others, or for how they feel, is the most liberating of all. I only need to #Heal myself, and in doing so I heal others. 


If I had to condense my life purpose into one word then it is #HEAL. I am a healer and that is all I can be. Healing is something the world needs right now. The history of civilization is filled with trauma - rape, incest, abuse, slavery, trafficking, greed, power and war. We have had no guidance and it's time to draw a line in the sand and say "Enough". 

If we want to create a world of love, peace, joy and order, then we need to start creating that in ourselves first. My message to you is that you do count, you matter. But in order for you to get that truth you need to #Heal yourself too. 

All paths lead to Rome, I am here to show you a short-cut and offer you some light and insight along the way. You don't need to take my path, but if you do you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary pain, and be able to redirect  your path from serving the wrong people, to serving the right people.

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Finding My Way Back To Me

Turning your life around can be done! I am living proof of that.

There was a time in my life that I lived what I call "The Dark Night of the Soul". I was overworked, depressed, stressed, constantly struggling financially and in a one-sided relationship.  

Emotional Conflict Is The Root Cause of Pain

I learnt that all physical ailments are a result of emotional blocks in the body, but I never quite understood how it works.

Dr John Sarno, a chiropractor, coined the term TMS, or Tension Myositis Syndrome, which is your body's way of distracting you from emotional conflict by creating symptoms in the body. 

What Others Say


I came to Natasha because I knew I wanted to set up a business, but I didn’t know where to begin and was getting into overwhelm. I had hired a coach a year ago to help me and 6 months later I was more lost than clear.
With Natasha I realised my niche in 1 month. Within 3 weeks, I knew everything I needed to do in order to get started. My mind was clear and I had an action plan. Even with the clarity I thought I needed, I was still struggling to get going. Natasha identified this straight away, and like the amazing coach she is, she identified what was holding me back and didn’t tell me. She asked me the right questions, so that I can realise it was my self-doubt, my mindset, which was how I was holding myself back.
Along with the pragmatics, I have the mindset shift that I needed in order to build my successful enterprise.
In less than 3 months I have gone from lost around next steps for my business, to realizing I was lost in myself, to knowing exactly what I need to do, and knowing I am getting there. I’ve got my business site up and running, my business cards, my email, and my new online series in production. I have even been selected as a candidate for the next Tedx in Warsaw this June! These are some of the highlights, as Natasha has done so much more work with me on a business level and personal level. These outcomes are just some of the acknowledgments of Natasha’s work. The real magic is in her process.
Natasha can see to the root of an issue and knows just what to do. She can also hear incredibly well what is being said, when it is not being said. This I believe, is part of the reason Natasha can get the most out of me in such a short amount of time.
- Kathleen Mezik
Break Free Coach

Kathleen Mezik 

 / Break Through Coach


I am thrilled to recommend Natasha Williams!
She dedicated herself to help me with my mindset and emotional distress.
She has helped me with no judgement and kindness.  
She assesses her progress and adjusts herself to have a better outcome. She has so much patience and she re applies it until you feel comfortable with your progress, I felt comfortable to speak to her about deep and emotional hurt and she helped me to understand my behaviour or hurts.  
She has excellent communication skills. In addition, she is extremely organized, reliable and punctual. 
-Elizabeth Mendes

Elizabeth Mendes

/ Book Keeper


My journey with Natasha has been the most profound transformation of my entire healing.
I've always known that I was the one holding myself back from my own achievements
and it's the most amazing feeling being this confident and excited about life. 
For years I've been trying to heal my own scars/trauma, of which Natasha healed within months. 
I am grateful for her work and her commitment in wanting to help others overcome their fears.
I am grateful to her for holding my hand along my journey. 
Thank you Natasha 🙂

Farrah Abrahams

/ Life Coach

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