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The Lies That Bind
Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

He doesn’t treat you well, there is no love, and everyone tells you the one word you already know  “Leave”. But you don’t. You can’t. You are stuck.

Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't.

There are a myriad of reasons why you should leave - your health, your children, your self-worth, your energy. You know you deserve better, but you don't believe anyone will get you the way he does.

You are intelligent, hard-working, loving, successful and you know he’s not good for you, but there is something deep inside that is keeping you stuck. There is a complex web that is holding you, and you can’t put your finger on it.

This book is about the hidden dynamic that no one else sees, and no one else understands. It’s about uncovering the complex web of reasons why you can’t simply leave, why so many people have fallen prey to these relationships and met a very miserable end, and why it’s so important for you to learn that you do not have to suffer the same fate.

Instead of losing yourself in the relationship you can learn what the relationship is teaching you about yourself. That is what this book is all about. It's about the Hero's Journey. It will lead to growth, self-empowerment and confidence. It’s not about where you are headed, it’s about who you become along the way. 


How to Deal with a Narcissist and Win!
Master the game. Stop the abuse.

Narcissists are not in your way, they are on your way.

When you give up who you are, you start to believe you are an extension of the other person, and you buy into all the negativity that they have to share. When you are able to get enough distance from the noise, and you are able to get to know yourself better, and see your value, that is when you start to have the courage to stand up against the other person.

Engaging with a narcissist will change your life, and people who have never been involved in a narcissistic relationship will never understand what it is like. You will never be the same, you will never experience the same innocence and trust that you had before the relationship, but you will also have opened your eyes and taken responsibility for your life. You will grow stronger than those who didn’t have to endure what you did. You will be wiser, less naïve, and be able to lead from place of experience, rather than from words in a book.

About the Author

Natasha Williams is the pioneer in pole dancing in South Africa. She has helped thousands of women to connect with their bodies in a way that they find acceptance, confidence and self-belief. After almost 2 decades of teaching, she has expanded her reach from just the body-mind connection, to the body-mind-soul connection. 

More than ever today, women are in need of guidance to allow them to stand in their power, not just for themselves, but for the betterment of our planet. 

She is the author of How to Beat the Narcissist and WinThe Lies That Bind - Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse, and the creator of the Break Free From Toxic Bonds course. 

When she is not writing, she is taming her thirst for knowledge through books, courses and workshops, or teaching her skills to others. 

She lives in sunny South Africa with her partner, her son and a cat named Hoolie.

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