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6 July 2021
18h00 - 19h30

Heal Your Mother Wound

Mother wound
Cost R150.00

Online Workshop Zoom

If you are always giving, doing more than others and feeling like you are in a continuous struggle for survival, then chances are you have a Mother Wound. 

Other signs: masculine energy, work hard with no breaks, financial struggle, looking for approval, low self worth, no intimacy.

Your mother has a huge impact on you as a child and the childhood wound you experienced will continue to play out in your life until you heal it. Your mother is just a person, but as a child she was your world, and without her you wouldn't survive. 

This is a deep-healing workshop getting to the core of finding self-love and healing.

8 June 2021
19h00 - 20h30

Raise Your Vibration

Cost R150.00

Online Workshop on Zoom

If you are on a path of spiritual growth and development, you need to raise your emotional and spiritual vibration. The more conscious you become, the more opportunities you encounter and the better your life becomes.

In this workshop we will be doing emotional clearing of lower vibration emotions and learn the lessons of our experiences so that we can let them go.

It is a transformative healing experience and I will be working directly with your childhood traumas.

You need to make sure you can stay for the length of the workshop and not be disturbed during that time.

6 June 2021
9h00 - 11h00

Fulfilling Your Purpose

Fulfill your purpose

In-person meeting 

Johannesburg (venue t.b.a)

You came here with a purpose and you may or may not know what that is. You just know that it is something important. We all have our unique gifts and talents to share.
This is an introductory meeting to connect with your higher purpose and create a plan around getting yourself out there doing it.
We will dive into the energy of the Indigo Adult as well as clear the path towards making a difference.
It's also our first get-together, so we are going share what we have in store and get to each other in a safe space where you can meet you fellow tribe.

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