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Break free from toxic people and patterns in 8 weeks!

Repel toxic people

Heal anxiety & guilt

Build self-confidence 

& self-belief

natasha williams

The strategy call is a 45-minute call where I will


  • find out more about your unique problem and situation
  • show you why you keep attracting the same negative people and events
  • show you exactly what you need to do to overcome them permanently
  • tailor-make a plan for you to help you break free

If you have tried everything and you still feel like nothing will change, I can help.

I can help you to stop attracting toxic people, heal your anxiety and guilt so you can move forward and thrive.

When you click on the banner below you will be taken directly to my calendar. 

I am in South Africa so I need you to book a time that will work in both our time zones.

Looking forward to getting to know you! 

Office Hours :  09h00 - 18h00 Monday - Friday

                           09h00 - 15h00 Saturday

Mobile :            +27 71 333 9908

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